AE Flag

The flag of the Atlantic Empire

The Royal seat of humanities power, it was the Atlantic Empire that triumphed over the Novyan Union and unified earth. Since the unification of earth the Atlantic Empire has begun to stretch out across the stars. It has suffered insurrections and uprisings but it with stood all threats. Even the most powerful organization to stand up to Imperial rule, The

Gaelic Union could not end the Empire.

The Empire has direct rule over the inner sectors. At the head of the Empire is the Britannic Emperor King John VIIth who presides over the Imperial Parliament. His reign has seen several military campaigns not all of which have been successful

Each world that has been granted Imperial status has a representative in the Imperial Parliament They also enjoy protected trade agreements and the Protection of the Imperial Navy. But as the Imperial territory grew it wasn't financially viable for the imperial government to continue funding expansion. The Alpha Centuri Company was granted exclusive trade rights across the Imperial territory but to continue expanding they set up the Imperial Colonial Authority to administer to all the privately funded colonial missions.

Imperial Society Edit

The Empire has grown on the ideals of trade and capitalism. No matter who you are, work hard and you will be rewarded. At least that’s the theory in truth it’s the noble houses who rule, the rich middle classes that run everything and the working class who actually do the work for very little.

Of course there are plenty in the Empire who don’t stick to the status quo. Across the Empire and especially in the colonies there are many who challenge society and even the law directly. Pirates, smugglers and gangsters flaunt the law and take any advantage they can. Rebels and insurrectionists test the power of the imperial military.

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