The Gallic Union is the only other human state. The Union has its roots back on earth after the unification of earth but that is where the similarities end. The Union is very different from the Empire, founded on socialist ideals there is no currency, resources are controlled by the state and society is driven towards supporting each other an advancing the welfare of the state.

The Union is split into five Cardans each with its own democratic council called a stannary, each stannary's high thane comes together to form the grand moot which leads the Union. Many jobs within the Union are automated, freeing the people to take up careers in Technology, Education & Sciences. The alternate Career option involves joining one of the Unions two security forces. The Gallic Civil Security Force is largely decentralised organisation and responsible for the upholding and enforcement of law on a local level, in effect they are the unions police force. The Gallic Defence Force are responsible for the enforcement of law off world on the space stations and trade routes of the union. They are also responsible for investigation of crimes that span planetary jurisdictions. The GDF are the nearest thing to a navy that the Union has.

The Gallic Insurrection Edit

The origins of the Union lie in a political movement of the greatest scientists, artist & writers, known as the Peoples Union, who disliked the capitalist nature of the empire. As the movement grew and it gained supporters so did the frustration that the Imperial Parliament continued to ignore their demands. Frustration however inevitably became action, a plan that the Imperial Parliament would not be able to ignore.

The peoples union occupied and fortified a number of universities. Falmouth, Cardiff, Newport, Edinburgh, Ayr, Dublin, Londonderry all raised a green and white flag and declared themselves free of Imperial Rule. The location of the uprising is what would eventually give the movement its new name and identity.

The Imperial Government found itself in a very difficult position. This was a huge threat to its authority, these were imperials rising against the empire not novyans or pirates but they couldn't send in the usual heavy military response as the leaders of this rebellion were some of the most important and influential members of imperial society.

The Imperial government was forced to use military force but instead of just blowing up the universities they sent in ground troops discreetly. This failed as the insurrectionists were ready for it. A number of military actions by both sides could not break the stalemate. Eventually the Imperial government were forced to concede, but now whole towns had joined with the newly named Gallic Union.

An agreement was made, Those who wished to follow the socialist ideals of the would be permitted to leave earth and build a new home across the stars, they would not be persecuted by the imperial forces and their nation would be recognised and respected as a separate and independent sovereign state. In return the Gallic union would have to create a stable method of faster than light technology to get them across the stars.

This created the first Quantum Space Tunnelling technology and saw five great sleeper ships, the largest of six colonial missions, sent millions of light years across the stars where the Gallic Union was truly born.

The first Imperial/Gallic war Edit

Even with the advanced faster than light technology it still took them a generation to find a new home. When they found it they began building their world on the philosophies that united them. By using the resources at hand the Gallic Union grew quickly into the advanced civilisation it is today but inevitably the Empire also advanced, expanding across the galaxy hungrily colonising new worlds, it was only a matter of time before Union and Empire would meet again.

First contact was made by a sleeper scout ship Voyager when it was intercepted by the Gallic Defence Force hunting bird Hawk. Initial contact was friendly and welcoming. Under the direction of the Emperor at the time, King Richard IXth, the and the Empire built up a peaceful and diplomatic relations even trading in resources and culture but not technology.

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