The Holy Paradine Edit

The Holy Paradine are an alien race in the world of the Lost Stars. They are a humanoid race that is ruled by a religious autocracy they are incredibly xenophobic and believe themselves to be the supreme life form of the galaxy and believe in their own self appointed destiny to rule all other life.

First Contact Edit

The Holy Paradine was first encountered by a sleeper exploration ship named the Intrepid. It was a meeting to prove disastrous for the crew of the intrepid. Only one, severely traumatised, crew member made it back to imperial territory. She was discovered by an ICA patrol ship in stasis in an escape pod driven insane with all the data she could download from her ships mainframe about this new alien.

The second encounter came a few years later when the Imperial sloop HMS Daunting was attacked by a strange alien vessel that turned out to be Paradine ship. It would be the first skirmish in a war that would directly last for five years but in truth never end.

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